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  • Speak to me from the side
  • Speak to me from the back
  • Speak to me with your back to me
  • Speak to me from another room
  • Speak to me in the same room, but some distance from me
  • Shout at me: speaking loudly does not necessarily make it easier for me to hear you and it upsets me enormously if I am shouted at
  • Keep repeating something: if I have not heard it the first time in good conditions, it means that whatever words are being used are particularly hard for me to hear. JUST REPHRASE IT and hopefully I will then pick it up. Example, if I can’t hear ‘Monday’ then say ‘first day of the week’!
  • Speak too quickly
  • GET IMPATIENT WITH ME: I am deaf, not stupid, and can’t help it. It is a dreadful, isolating and heartbreaking condition so be kind!



  • Speak to me standing in front of me, close by
  • Speak clearly and relatively slowly
  • Remember my good side, if there is one
  • Remember that in noisy situations such as shops, crowds, malls, restaurants, car, my hearing is even worse as the extraneous noise is magnified greatly by the hearing aids
  • Remember that if I don’t respond, it is just that I have not heard what is being said
  • Tell me that you are changing the subject in a situation such as round the dining room table and I am trying to follow what people are saying. I often get lost if they go on to speak of something else
  • Text rather than calling on the cell phone – it is often difficult if not impossible to hear people speaking on the cell.


  • Hearing Tests
  • Hearing Aids
  • Ear Protection


  • Gehoor Toetse
  • Gehoorapparate
  • Gehoor Beskerming